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Our organization is passionate about helping children with special needs and serving the schools, therapists, and families who support them.

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Alee Behavioral Healthcare provides therapies for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Applied behavior analysis therapy (ABA), speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, are available at our clinics. We also provide home and school-based ABA therapy and support. We are a pediatric therapy clinic that specializes in children. If you or a loved one has a child with autism or another developmental disorder or you just have questions about our services please call us, we are here to help.


Therapy for Children with Autism and Related Disorders

At Alee Behavioral Healthcare we are passionate about providing the very best therapy services for children with autism and related disorders. We serve the schools, therapists, and families that support them. We are a behavioral healthcare organization that specializes in autism therapy. We also provide expert speech and occupational therapies to all our ABA clients. Our multidisciplinary, holistic approach gives each child the best chance to realize their full potential.

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