The Best Apps To Support Children With Autism

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best apps for children with autism, two toddlers interact with screen

It is no secret that children enjoy using technology. In fact, many of our little ones are probably far more adept with technology than we ever will be! However, as parents and caregivers, it is important that we find ways to ensure our children form a positive relationship with technology and spend their daily screen time wisely. Often, this means disconnecting them from the favorite online games in favor of something more educational and productive – although screen time can include a mixture of both learning and play!

Developments within technology mean that there are plenty of apps, for phone, tablet, or computer, that can be used to help your children – especially those with autism – grow and develop. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of our favorite online apps for children with autism.

Birdhouse for Autism

When a child has autism, their behaviors can be difficult to manage or predict. Although they thrive when following a schedule when this interrupted it can be hard to predict how they will respond and the long-standing effects of this. With the birdhouse app, you can track and monitor your child’s behavior on a daily basis. This can allow you to identify certain triggers and work towards helping your child feel happy and comfortable every day!

If your child is undergoing therapy such as speech therapy, physical therapy of ABA (applied behavioral analysis), you can also use this app to keep on track of their progress and notice how much they are progressing after every meeting!

Find out more about the Birdhouse app.

i Create…social skills stories

Social stories are often used to help children with autism or related disorders understand the world around them. For example, the step by step stories can guide them through new experiences, such as going to the doctor’s office or starting a new school. The sequential nature of the stories means that the child can get to grips with what is happening and what will come next, meaning they will feel more comfortable moving forward.

The i Create app allows you to create personalized stories for your child. This means that they will feature prominently in all of the stories and you can tailor them to whatever your child is about to experience – be that a trip to the supermarket or to the dentists’ office! Social stories can be used to take away any anxiety your child may be feeling, they eradicate the ‘what ifs’ of a situation, as they have a much greater idea of what to expect as they enter an unfamiliar situation.

Find out more about the i Create app.

ABA Flashcard Games

Children with autism are often mistakenly characterized as emotionless. This is simply untrue. However, children with autism may find it harder to express their own emotions and understand the feelings of those around them. One way in which you can help your child get to grips with emotions is through apps such as the ABA Flashcard games. This app shows you a photograph where a person is clearly expressing a certain emotion – be that sadness, anger, or happiness. Your child then gets to select the emotion they think applies best to the image. This is a great way for them to better understand facial expressions. You can develop these skills further by asking your child questions, such as:

Why do you think the girl is sad?
What makes you feel ____?
What could have happened here?

Find out more about the ABA Flashcard app.