Behavioral Staff for Schools


Alee serves a wide range of school and educational organizations by promptly providing quality therapists when you need them. We understand how important it is to have coverage and continuity.  We have a deep bench and are committed to guaranteeing that we have a 100% coverage rate for all the school districts we work with.


Our staff are highly trained.  We provide Registered Behavior Technician Training(RBT), Restraint Training, CPR and Navigating Educational Environments(NEET) Training.  Our staff are trained specifically to work in schools.


Much of our staff training is focused on how to collaborate with district personnel.  We realize our staff are in your district to provide support to the student and district personnel.


Behavior Technicians are closely supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and other senior staff who are experienced in school settings. 


We recognize that working with students with behavioral disorders is challenging.  We have developed innovative programs for our staff to alleviate stress and burnout, which increases our retention rate.   

Our Customers Include

  • School districts
  • Early intervention agencies
  • Charter schools
  • Special needs schools/agencies
  • Governmental agencies

Additional Services

  • Functional Behavioral Assessments (bilingual and monolingual)
  • Administrative Support
  • Professional Development Presentations